Something I want you to know.



What would I have you know about me that you could already find out through the photos I have taken, the places I have been, or the apparent need to constantly update this page?

I could tell you I tend to be conscious of the little things, for it is the only way I have found I can understand the larger distortions to the fabric of our society.

“Woah, slow down fairly anonymous man. Who do you think you are, proclaiming these things through big words and subtle irrelevancies?”

For the sake of your continued attention, dear reader, you should know that I am someone who surrounds himself with current events, stories and the greater concerns of our time. You may have figured out by now that I also enjoy listening to myself speak. Or type or whatever. I do not care for ‘likes.’ Today the popularity contest has become not simply the concern of young boys and girls, but entire communities that know no bounds, thanks to the reach of the internet.

Fame and fortune are perpetually fleeting, but do you know what stays; what truly stands the test of time and weather?

An idea.

I believe in an idea so powerful and unexploited that it could change the very nature of the world as society has seen through decades, centuries, and millennia. No, I am not about to pique your interests through a pyramid scheme involving off-brand energy drinks. I will sate your curiosity with one word that sums up where I think society is placing its fortunes with, conscious or unconsciously.


Like the small dog pictured above, I found myself alone in a rural hospital three years ago. Not literally, it was my uncle’s hospital and I was interning over summer. But on a deeper level, I felt disconnected from a culture that I rejected from a young age, growing up in the melting pot that is the Bay Area of California. I did not speak the language, I did not like the food and hell, I didn’t even enjoy standing in on surgeries for most of the business day. For lack of a better word, my parents had ‘brainwashed’ me into believing I needed to become a doctor of sorts, which is how I found myself in a foreign country. I felt like a lost puppy, now scrambling to find a truer meaning to my existence.

I cannot speak on behalf of all the puppies out there, nor can I imagine they trouble themselves with existential questions. But there is something that unites everyone who is lost, afflicted, or otherwise inconvenienced by the troubles of our times; The feeling of being completely and utterly helpless. I realize I am being incredibly vague, so I’ll let you in on what I think about when I read the newspaper.

Syria and chemical warfare. Civil War.
Iran and nuclear weapons. Security Risk.
Ukraine and the Russian takeover. Duplicity and dirty tactics.

I turn the front page to the domestic section. I see something mildly reassuring, followed by every kind of bad news in a new place every day, usually due to corrupt politics, crazy people, and bad weather.

What do corrupt politics, crazy people, and bad weather all have in common?

We haven’t found a way to stop them.

Not yet.

Everything begins with an idea. Big things have small beginnings. Good things come to those who wait. All these are things I have been told my entire life; With maturity and a new founded sense of professionalism, I have found my patience wearing thin.

And I think that it’s time for a change, don’t you?



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